Principal Investigator:

Larry A Sklar, Ph.D., Regents Professor of Pathology and Distinguished University Professor, Assoc. Director of Drug Discovery at the NCI Designated UNM Cancer Center, Co-Director of Translational Technology of the UNM Clinical and Translation Science Center and PI and Director of the UNM Center for Molecular Discovery

Current Members: 

Bruce Edwards, Ph.D., Research Profesor. Pathology and Director of the UNM Shared Flow Cytometry Resource

Tudor I. Oprea, M.D. Ph.D., Professor of Medicine and Chief, Translational Informatics Division, Guest Professor, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Department of Systems Biology (Copenhagen, Denmark), and Visiting Professor, Sahglrenska Institute of Medicine (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Alexandre Chigaev, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor

Harold Ames, M.S.

Matthew Garcia, B.S.

Mark Haynes, PhD, Associate Scientist, Project Manager of DR3N

Dominique Perez, B.S., Graduate student

Yelena Smagley, M.S., Health Science Research Specialist

Ryan Tanner, B.A., Program Manager

Anna Waller, Ph.D., Associate Scientist, Project Manager of RDOC and KMC, Data Manager

Travis Woods, M.S., Associate Scientist

Cristian Bologa, Ph.D., Research Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Stephen L. Mathias, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist, Department of Internal Medicine

Oleg Ursu, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Jeremy J. Yang, M.A., Manager, Systems & Programming,  Department of Internal Medicine

Former Members (Listed alphabetical by last name):

Chris Allen, Ph.D.
Mark Carter, M.S.
Stephanie Chavez
Jun Chen, Ph.D.
Daniel Cimino, M.S.
Annette Evangelisti, Ph.D.
Terry Foutz, B.S.
Lin Hong, Ph.D.
Kristine Gouveia, M.S.
Ronda Johnson
Catherine Prudom, Ph.D.
Lynette Rios, Ph.D.
Virginia Salas, Ph.D.
Peter Simons, Ph.D.
J. Jacob Strouse, Ph.D.
Zurab Surviladze, Ph.D.
Philip Tapia, B.S.
George Tegos, Ph.D.
Susan Young, M.S.
Danuta Wlodek, Ph.D.
Yang Wu, Ph.D.

University of New Mexico flow cytometry research center