Compound Libraries

CMD has a collection of different compound libraries to suit the needs of a variety of screening campaigns.  We have the abilities to reformat these into 96-, 384-, and 1536-well formats depending on need.

Compound Library Description Link
Med Chem Express 212 powders MCE
MLSMR Collection Over 300,000 compounds screened during the NIH Molecular Library Initiative MLSMR
NCI Diversity Set 1593 compounds NCI DS
NIH Clinical Collection ** compounds NIHC CC
Prestwick Chemical Library® 1280 compounds consisting of FDA approved drugs and bioactive small molecules PCL
Selleck Compound Library 1902 compounds SelleckChem
Spectrum Library 2560 compounds containing bioactive compounds and natural products from Micro Source Spectrum
Tocris 1120 compounds containing FDA approved drugs and bioactive compounds Tocris

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