The University of New Mexico Center for Molecular Discovery (UNMCMD), located in Albuquerque, NM, is an academic research center focused on using high throughput flow cytometry to identify small molecules that can be used as chemical probes and as leads for drug discovery.   We have developed innovative flow cytometric tools for discovery research that enable homogeneous analysis of ligand binding and protein-protein interaction, high throughput sample handling, high content analysis, and real-time measurements of cell response.

General outline of flow cytometer
General outline of flow cytometer

Unique capabilities of the HTS flow cytometry approach include:

  •  single cell analysis
  • thousands of cells per sec
  • zero dead volume (entire sample is analyzed)
  • small sample volumes (1 µL) for efficient use of cells and reagents
  • large sample volumes (hundreds of µL) for detection of rare cell subsets (stem cells)
  • broad dynamic range of optical signal detection (4-6 orders of magnitude)
  • superior discrimination of bound vs. free fluorescence
  • no-wash, homogeneous assays
  • superior multiplexing capabilities
  • potential for hundreds of distinct measurements/well

The UNMCMD has a broad range of HTS experience with cell and molecular targets. Areas of expertise include:

  •  large-scale screening (>300,000 compounds)
  • multiplexed assays
  • GPCRs
  • integrins
  • efflux transporters
  • immunological assays


University of New Mexico flow cytometry research center