Target Development

Target Development

CMD biologists develop target assays for multiplex HT flow cytometry by assembling expertise in cell and molecular biology and biochemistry. Dr. Sklar provides extensive experience in biological applications of flow cytometry.

UNM CMD partners to develop assays that arise as part of outreach efforts, allowing partner investigators to demonstrate assay proof of principle for X01 and R03 submissions. CMD is responsible for optimizing assays that come into the Center via X01, R03, and R21 mechanisms that have not been previously sponsored through outreach by our Center.

CMD prototypes secondary assays for individual investigators as well as for collaborators wishing to evaluate specificity and selectivity, such as in multiplex assays and counter-screens, as time and resources permit.

Proven Experience: CMD have developed multiplex target families of GTPases and kinases for discovery of probes for protein-protein and protein-small molecular interaction.

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