Screening Informatics (SIx) Core

Co-Leader: Tudor Oprea, PhD
Manages data and information exchange with the Specialty Chemistry Centers and assures that Center SIx technology meets MLPCN needs and standards.

Co-Leader: Cristian Bologa, PhD
Manages data workflow and information exchange between the cores.

Anna Waller, PhD
Manages the steps in the SIx process starting with the formats for data collection, templates and QA/QC for data analysis.

Stephen L. Mathias, PhD
Responsible for database and system administration; webmaster; supervisor, Roadrunner project.

Jeremy J. Yang
Responsible for cheminformatics software design and
implementation; algorithm design and implementation; data integration.

Oleg Ursu, PhD
Manages chemoinformatic analysis from high-througput screens, clustering compounds for structure activity relationship (SAR) studies

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University of New Mexico flow cytometry research center