UNMCMD is currently housed in a 13,000 square foot facility which provides space for target development, high-throughput screening, cheminformatics and BSL2-level microbiology/virology work; UNM’s Shared Flow Cytometry Resource (SFCR) and Translational Informatics Division also reside in the Center’s facility.  The administrative support staff for UNMCMD is located in proximity to the laboratory space in a shared administrative work area.

Agilent system
Agilent system

 Agilent BioCel System  A fully automated and highly flexible solution for complex cell handling providing the potential for screening ~120,000 compounds per day when using a 1536 well format.  Components:

  • Bravo automated liquid handling platform capable of 96 – 1536 well formats
  • VPrep precision pipetting system automates submicroliter transfer of materials to assay plates.
  • VSpin is an automated microplate centrifuge that facilitates on-deck concentration and wash
  • Thermo Teleshake provides on-deck microplate automated controlled-frequency shaking.
  • BioTek EL406 is a bulk dispenser for handling multiple reagents during a single assay protocol.
  • Multiple Liconic high-capacity (hundreds) plate storage cabinets provide a full range of humidity and temperature controlled environments for compound storage both long term and during transfer to the assay decks.
  • Storage hubs and chilled plate hotels exist on the deck for ready access to tips, assays plates, and microplate lids during screening.
  • A device for automated barcoding and microplate-based tracking.
  • A PlateLoc plate sealer and Nexus Xpeel plate desealer automates removal and sealing of microplates during liquid handling manipulations.
  • BioTek Synergy 4 Plate Reader located on a portable docking cart for assays requiring whole plate multi-mode analysis capabilities.
  • Whole-plate flow cytometry analysis and data collection instruments co-located on portable docking carts.

1536 well plate screening capabilities with QuadAccuris
1536 well plate screening capabilities with QuadAccuris

 Reading Platforms

  • Accuri flow cytometers, including a quad flow cytometer configured for 1536 well acquisition
  • Wallac 1420-040 Victor3V Multilabel Plate Reader with 2 injectors for plate-based readings of fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance, fluorescence polarization; capable of single-point and kinetic measurements
  • BioTek PowerWave HT Microplate Spectrophotometer

LabCyte Echo 555
LabCyte Echo 555

Liquid Dispensing Automation

  • Echo 555 Liquid Handler from LabCyte with Acoustic dispensing of nanoliter volumes, allowing for saving of precious reagents.
  • Beckman Coulter Biomek FXp Workstation with integrated gripper, Span-8 and Multichannel heads, Span-8 and 384 tip-wash stations, 4×3 and 1×1 Automated Labware Positioners, Static Peltier Labware Positioner and Shaking Labware Positioner
  • Cytomat24 and 44 compound plate storage incubators are available for storage of up to 504 and 900 plates, respectively (with Oxygen sensor to purge chamber with Nitrogen to reduce Oxygen level to 5%)
  • Cytomat2 cell incubator for up to 42 plates
  • CytomatHotel for up to 63 tip boxes or 252 plates and conveyors to deliver plates to and from the deck to the incubators
  • V&P Scientific Pin Tools are utilized for transferring 100 nL compounds from 384 well compound plates to assay plates.
  • Beckman Coulter Biomek NX Span-8 Workstation with integrated gripper, Span-8 tip-wash station and 4 x 3 Automated Labware Positioners
  • Beckman Coulter Biomek NX Multichannel Workstation with integrated gripper, P30/384 dispense head, 384 tip-wash station, disposable tip loader station and 4 x 3 Automated Labware Positioners
  • Eppendorf epMotion 5070 automated pipetting system with TS50 and TS1000 single channel and TS50-8 and TS1000-8 eight-channel tools for 1 to 1000 uL dispensing into microtiter plates.
  • BioTek Nanoquot nanoliter dispenser
  • BioTek Microflow nanoliter dispenser for HTS
  • Four BioTek MultiFlow nanoliter dispenser with 1536-well capability.

 Sample Preparation

  • Microsonic Hendrix SM100 Ultrasonic Fluid Processor
  • Labconco Centrivap Concentrator
  • Beckman Coulter Optima XE 100K Ultracentrifuge

 Cell Preparation

  • 2 dedicated cell culture laboratories
  • 7 Class II biological safety cabinets
  • 4 Thermo 3110 cell culture incubators
  • 2 inverted light microscopes
  • Olympus inverted fluorescent microscope.

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